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Intangible Gains

  • Reduced on-boarding and time-to-proficiency
    ​for new sales and pre-sales staff
  • Crisper Discovery and generation of
    ​well-qualified prospects
  • Increased deployment within current customers
  • Positive differentiation vs. competition
  • Increased revenue and profit per employee
  • A cultural change resulting in a sharper focus on

Presenting:  DemoCoach
Your personal Great Demo! coach
​right from your smart phone!

The Great Demo! method enables organizations to create and deliver
​surprisingly effective software demonstrations.

News & Events

Great Demo! Podcast
Recent Podcast introducing key Great Demo! ideas

Explore the Offerings we provide:​

  • ​Great Demo! Workshops, Seminars and Webinars
  • Great Demo! electronic, audio-book and hard-copy Books
  • Coaching on demo preparation, execution and strategy
  • DemoCoach - your personal coaching tool!

Getting Better At What We Do
Recent Webinar on Using

The Second Derivative

​helps software organizations achieve their sales and marketing objectives
​by dramatically improving the success rates of their demos. 

Organizations that implement the Great Demo! method report:

We offer Workshops, Seminars, coaching, coaching tools and consulting with a focus on the needs
of organizations developing and selling business-to-business software.
Put the "Wow!" in your demos!

Tangible Results:

  • Sustained gains of 10% or more in improved close rates overall
  • Shorter sales cycle length - by 50%
  • Demo win-rate increases of 25-75
  • Improved forecast clarity and predictability
  • Ongoing cost-of-sales reduction by 25%
  • Free evaluations and POC's transformed into paid events
  • Increased deal size and breadth by 2x

Latest Articles

Great Demo! Podcast
Podcast introducing key Great Demo! ideas from earlier this year

Increase your closed business within the next two quarters.

Upcoming Intro to Great Demo! Webinar – August 22 

The fine folks at Zoom are hosting a webinar on August in which I’ll be doing a crisp introduction to Great Demo!  If you are new to the ideas, this will be a fast, high-level introduction to some of the key concepts.
You can register for the webinar here.

Great Demo! Public Workshops and Master Classes

Great Demo! Public Workshop opportunities now span the globe (well, nearly) – with sessions now scheduled in Amsterdam and in the Silicon Valley.  More information can be found here