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Option 3: Online Assessment Form

Click here to get a quick assessment of your demos via our online form. ​We'll send you a ​ranking (privately) in relation to your peers and send you the result

Assess Your Own Situation And How Your Demos Are Performing

Option 1: Gratis Review of a Demo

For a recorded demo, simply send us a URL or the recording, provide your email address, and we would be happy to send you our comments and feedback.

For a live demo from you or a team member, send us an email and we can arrange a date and time for to see your demo.  ​We recommend doing this via WebEx, GoToMeeting, or using a similar tool.

Demo Review

Option 2: Excel Assessment Spreadsheets

We've created a set of Demo Skills Assessments tools in the form of Excel workbooks and spreadsheets to help you “kick-start” your own assessment process. They provide a range of skills and topics rated on a 10 point scale, on either an individual or team basis, in Excel format.

These Assessments are available for your use - simply complete the form below and we'll send you the files. You are also ​welcome to edit these Assessments for your own specific needs.

Send Me The Assessment Files
Here are (at least) three options to explore, in addition to simply Contacting Us to discuss your situation and objectives: