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Webinar: DemoCoach Great Demo! Self-Coaching Tool –

Getting Better at What We Do

We recently delivered a 40 minute webinar for Great Demo! practitioners on using DemoCoach:  why to use DemoCoach and how to use it along with some suggestions on how best to get started.

The webinar recording can be viewed here.

DemoCoach was created to help refresh and reinforce the ideas we cover in our Great Demo! Workshops and Seminars – a way to support you (and your team) when preparing demos, working with colleagues, and post-demo to reflect on how things went so that we can improve our practices.

Our colleagues at FactorLab (www.FactorLab.com) have created a wonderful way for you to reinforce the key elements of the Great Demo! methodology. It is a personal tool to help you establish and improve practices and to get better at what you do. DemoCoach is being offered by FactorLab to Great Demo! alumni for your use for free (a for-charge enterprise version is also available, with more capabilities).


  • Did I practice what I had focused on – how did I do?
  • Did I execute the demo the way I’d planned?
  • What did I learn that I’d like to apply in the future?
DemoCoach is a free, easy way for you to practice and reinforce your Great Demo! best practices.

Please Visit our New Website at Https://GreatDemo.com

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  • Do I have a complete Situation Slide?
  • Is that really a Critical Business Issue for this customer?
  • What key Great Demo! element do I want to remember to focus on?

Using DemoCoach takes about the same effort as sending a text message or two – and that ​small investment will likely pay sizable dividends in terms of improved demos…