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Great Demo! Book Accolades

As noted above, over 25,000 copies of Great Demo! have been purchased by readers around the world, to date (including over 1150 copies of the Amazon Audiobook). Additionally, the book has been awarded the Reader's Choice designation (twice!) by the publisher. Authors earn the Reader's Choice award after receiving the Editor's Choice designation and achieving large sales volumes.

In addition to paperback, Kindle, Nook and PDF versions, Great Demo! is also available in audiobook format from Amazon - please note that the voice in the Audiobook is not that of Peter Cohan (he reads the book too fast for a good recording)!

The Blog and Great Demo! LinkedIn Group are designed to provide an evergreen extension to the book - you are welcome to explore both - let us know if you'd like to see a 3rd edition to the book published.

Great Demo! Podcasts

Andy Paul, noted sales acceleration podcaster, interviewed me recently – the result is this 43 minute conversation about life, liberty and the pursuit of crisp, compelling demos.  The first few minutes are [boring] chit-chat [not my fault, but does violate some Great Demo! principles!]; once you survive these the balance is tolerably amusing and potentially useful…  Enjoy it here.

A good introduction to some of the key Great Demo! ideas is available in a conversational podcast done earlier this year with Chris Orlob at Gong.io – you can listen to the recording here.  The intro begins about a minute in; the trouble starts a few minutes later!

DemoCoach Webinar

We delivered a 40 minute webinar for Great Demo! practitioners on using DemoCoach to get better at what we do: why use it, how best to use it and how to get started. The webinar recording can be found here.

Great Demo! - DemoChimp/Consensus Webinar

Peter Cohan presented a brief Great Demo! overview as part of a webinar delivered with the folks at DemoChimp. The recording is available here.

News & Events

​Holy Cow!  Over 25,000 Copies of Great Demo!

We are amazed (and quietly proud) to report that over 25,000 copies of Great Demo! have been purchased, including over 1150 Audiobooks (but not including re-sales of used copies or PDF's that get passed around).

The question is now becoming:  how well do you (and does your team) implement and practice the methodology?

The Great Demo! Methodology enables differentiation; the degree to which one applies the methodology determines the amount of differentiation!

"Anatomy of a Winning Sales Demo" - Webinar Recording

The recording of the September 26 webinar "Anatomy of a Winning Sales Demo" can now be found here.  If you would like to see another webinar on the topic, go deeper on some of the ideas or explore other areas that we didn't have time to address, please let us know!

Recent Webinar -  Recording Available: How to Take Your Software Demos to the Next Level

How indeed? 

Join Richard Smith, Brian Geery and myself as we explored life, liberty, and the pursuit of demo excellence during this webinar on August 1.

You can watch and listen to the webinar recording here.  (Feel free to skip the first 3 minutes or so...)

Great Demo! LinkedIn Group and User Community - Over 5250 Members - Wow!

We have an active Great Demo! Group on LinkedIn - and you are welcome to join. There are now over 5250 members in the Group, many of whom are Great Demo! practitioners. We post topics and ideas for discussion, tips, and information on new tools. Group members are contributing their own thoughts, adding comments to existing dialogues and raising new topics.

We are working diligently to keep the Group as high-value a tool for the community as possible: Postings are monitored, members are vetted, and the Group is kept spam-free. We do encourage carefully selected job postings from vendors with openings (but not from recruiters) and individuals looking for new opportunities.

Think of the Group as an online Great Demo! User Community.

2017 Great Demo! Public (Open) Workshops

Our next Great Demo! Public Workshops are scheduled for December 12-13 in Atlanta and December 13-14 in Amsterdam.    

Public Workshops are excellent opportunities for individuals, small groups or teams that have new hires. These will be 1.75-Day Workshops, with the first day focusing largely on core Great Demo! material and the second 3/4 day addressing more advanced topics and techniques.

Registration and related information for these Public Workshops can be found as follows:

- December 12-13 Atlanta Great Demo! Public Workshop - click here.

- December 13-14 Amsterdam Great Demo! Public Workshop - contact Natajsa Bax at natasja@thedemoscene.nl.

We've found that these sessions are most productive when there are two or more participants from each organization - and best when a combination of sales and presales participants are present (singletons are also fine...). This helps to mimic real-life interactions as much as possible, both when preparing demos and delivering them in the role-play sessions.

Here are two testimonials from past Public Workshop participants:

Contact Us for specific timing, overview, agenda, location and pricing information.

Latest News

Great Demo! Customer DemoGod

We are still delighted to report that Phreesia, Inc., a Great Demo! Workshop customer, won the coveted "DemoGod" Award at the Fall
​2007 Demo Conference. More importantly, Phreesia continues to grow as a successful business many years after!