Remote Demos Workshops ​and Seminars

  • Engage, compel and connect with audiences using WebEx, GoToMeeting and similar tools
  • Increase audience participation, interactivity and demo effectiveness
  • Practice the techniques in real "remote" role-play scenarios
  • Learn and practice effective "team-play" methods

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Customer Success Stories Workshops and Seminars

  • Provides the single most important sales tool: Informal Success Stories for engaging new audiences
  • Generates crisp, clear, focused marketing messages
  • Enables "chasm crossing" to take place
  • Re-vitalizes products and revenue streams

SaaS and On-Demand Software
​Workshops and Seminars

Engage more effectively in Software-as-a-Service and On-Demand scenarios

  • Market and sell more effectively without using your staff
  • Address the unique challenges of Software-as-a-Service and On-Demand software

Great Demo! Public (Open) Workshops

Public Workshops are excellent opportunities for individuals, small groups or teams that have new hires. They are typically 1.75-Day Workshops, with the first day focusing largely on core Great Demo! material and the second 3/4 day addressing more advanced topics and techniques.

We've found that these sessions are most productive when there are two or more participants from each organization - and best when a combination of sales and presales participants are present (singletons are also fine...). This helps to mimic real-life interactions as much as possible, both when preparing demos and delivering them in the role-play sessions.

More information, including specific timing, overview, agenda, location and pricing information can be found here on the News and Events page.


Great Demo! ​Master Classes and 

Advanced Topics Workshops

Bring your team’s demos, demo skills and processes to a higher level of practice.

  • Take your team’s demos to the next level
  • Leverage the group’s current practices and deliverables
  • Share and reuse the most successful demo materials
  • Transform “journeymen” into high performers
  • Leverage and realize the greatest return on your best performers
  • Reward and provide incentive for your team overall

Customized Follow-up From Great Demo! Workshops

  • Dry-run critical demos and sales projects
  • Turns practitioners into high-value experts
  • Enables detailed focus on critical projects

Great Demo! Sales and ​Presales

Teamwork Sessions

  • Create effective, high-performing selling teams
  • Establish clear, consistent roles for sales and presales
  • Choreograph demos to increase success rates
  • Enjoy heightened productivity resulting from real teamwork
  • Improve outcomes for both face-to-face and Remote Demos

Great Demo! Seminars

​Seminars are great segments for Sales Kickoff meetings or similar events.  They provide the opportunity to expose a large number of team members to the ideas and to stimulate new thinking.  The disadvantage of a Seminar is that it does not offer sufficient time for exercises for the participants.

Seminars typically range in length from 1-Hour to 1/2-Day.

We can also provide 1- or 2-hour Seminars that complement Workshops already delivered or contemplated – for example to expose another portion of your organization to Great Demo! ideas.

Contact Us to discuss your situation and for pricing information.

The Second Derivative provides a range of unique Workshops, Seminars, Webinars and Coaching
to help software organizations achieve their sales and marketing objectives.

Great Demo! for Partners, Channels and Resellers

  • Enable your channels and partners to perform as well as (or better than!) your direct sales organization
  • Provide Great Demo! events to your partners and channels as achievement rewards or incentives

Great Demo! Train-the-Trainer Programs

Deliver Great Demo! Workshops using your own training team

  • Amplify delivery for large organizations
  • Reduce travel costs - leverage local offices
  • Enables use of the copyrighted materials for in-house or channel partner programs

Sales, Presales and Marketing Management:
​Implementing for Results

Achieve high levels of implementation and practice by staff

  • Define and manage to objectives to leverage learning
  • Reduce "on-boarding" time-to-effectiveness - significantly!
  • Assess and manage your Demo Capital
  • Overall, to realize desired rewards on an ongoing basis

Great Demo! - Doing Discovery Workshops

Many sales and presales staff are "unconsciously incompetent" with respect to doing Discovery - they don't know what they don't know...!  Discovery is much more than "BANT" (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing) and those who execute Discovery well are in a competitively advantageous situation compared to other vendors.

​Great Demo! Discovery sessions are now available in a variety of flavors and lengths to help teams with questioning methods, timing and flow, creation or improvement of Discovery Documents, and other tools and skills.

Contact Us to discuss further (and don't be surprised if we ask a lot of questions...!).

For more information on any of these offerings.

Great Demo! Workshops

  • Crisper Discovery/qualification and faster sales cycles
  • Larger orders and improved communication - "no surprises"
  • Engage and prove your capabilities in minutes
  • Focus on the value (as opposed to features)
  • Increase your success rates overall
  • For Presales, Sales, and Marketing Staff

Great Demo! Workshops (1-Day, 1.5-Day, 1.75-Day and 2-Day lengths) provide sufficient time for the participants to learn and practice the skills through in-class role-play exercises.  Participants will be able to deliver a highly compelling, customer-focused demo when they leave the Workshop and have the ability to develop future demos using the same process.

Click here for more information on Workshop length, content and options.

Recorded Demos Workshops and Seminars

  • Improve lead generation and self-qualification
  • Move prospects towards "Click-to-Buy" faster​

Scripted Demos and RFP Response
​Workshops and Seminars

  • Tip the scales in your favor and outflank the competition
  • Learn how to "be first"
  • Present your offerings in the best possible light

Managing POC's, POV's and Evaluations Workshops
​and Seminars

  • Increase success rates and forecast predictability
  • Reduce the number (and associated cost) of failed events
  • Gain more paid evaluations - and fewer free POC's and evals
  • Apply best practices to organize and execute these events to successful conclusions

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